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Raspberry Meringue Scarf - Free Knitting Pattern


I’ve had several people ask me what pattern my super soft and chunky Raspberry Meringue Scarf was made from…well, the answer is that it was just a whimsical scarf that I threw together from a loose idea floating in my head. It’s so easy that I can’t really classify it as a pattern, but I’ve done a blog post outlining the steps I took to make this scarf.

Note that the finished scarf turned out to be 110″ long, (so adjust accordingly if you want it to be shorter, (or longer, although that’s probably not advisable!) Also keep in mind that I used just about every bit of the four skeins of yarn, (as was my goal), so if you don’t want to play it that close I would cut out a few rows in the 1×1 stripes or opt out of the pom poms. I hope you enjoy this free chunky knit scarf pattern and if you do make it please share photos and tag on Instagram !

Click here to download the pattern pdf.

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