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Faux Fur Pom Pom - Vanilla Bean Custard


This gorgeous faux fur pom is a thick and lush creamy faux fur lightly tipped with mocha brown .  Sizes on pom poms are approximate and are measured from tip to tip.  All faux fur pom poms have two thin nylon cords attached and also come with a small cord lock so that your pom pom can easily be attached/detached.  

Medium pom pom is shown on adult size hat. (Hat not included.)

It is best to avoid getting your pom pom wet and we recommend taking pom poms off garments/accessories before washing the item.  

Should your pom pom get wet let it dry completely and then comb with a wide tooth comb or dog/cat comb reserved for this purpose.  These tools are also great for freshening up your pom pom from time to time.

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