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CocoKnits Leather Cord & Needle Stitch Holder Kit

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Tired of scrambling for the right type and length of scrap yarn for holding your live stitches?  The CocoKnits Leather Cord & Stitch Holder Kit to the rescue! The threaded needles also allow you to knit off the leather cord when you are ready to proceed with the live stitches.


Kit includes:

  • two interior-threaded needles made of nickel plated steel
  • three lengths of leather cord
    • one long – for holding sts of sweater body (59"/150 cm)
    • two short – for holding sts of sleeves (29.5"/75 cm)
  • Reusable kraft drawer, lined with 100% wool felt
  • Please note you may need to snip the end of your leather cord at an angle to facilitate attaching the needle. 
  • Screw the needle on only until it is attached to the cord.  If you continue to over-screw, you risk breaking the leather inside the needle. 
  • Leather cord can be waxed with beeswax

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