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About HFS Yarn

About HFS Yarns:

  • HFS Yarns are hand-dyed using only botanical or natural dyes in small batches. No harsh chemicals or harmful products are used in the dying process.
  • HFS yarns are dyed as semi-solids, meaning there is subtle shading throughout the skein. If you require a consistent solid colour this is probably not the yarn for you. 
  • Due to the nature of botanical/natural hand-dyed products there may be variations from skein to skein, making each skein unique. When more than one dye lot is available they will be listed. Alternating skeins is recommended if using more than one skein of a colour in a project.
  • Skeins are rinsed before shipping, but some minimal bleeding/colour transfer may still occur. Always swatch and test when using dark and light colours together. 
  • Care is taken to accurately represent the yarn colour in photographs, but there may be subtle differences in real life due to your monitor settings.