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baa ram ewe Winterburn DK

baa ram ewe's new Winterburn DK, (replacing Dovestone), features the wonderful Yorkshire sheep breed Masham. The Masham has smaller ringlets of fleece than the Wensleydale but with added bounce and loft that it gets from its hill-loving male ancestry, the Dalesbred. In fact, female ‘gimmer’ -or lambs- were considered so pretty that farmers would tie ribbons in their fleece before taking them to market and Sheep Fairs which continues to this day in the North Yorkshire town of Masham, from which this sheep breed gets its name. 

We're offering Winterburn in a lovely palette ranging from rustic hues found in the Yorkshire landscape to jewel tones and neutrals, all with a heathery tinge of brown running throughout.  We love this yarn for cables and warm woolly jumpers, cardigans, and accessories.  It has great stitch definition while also being soft against the skin.