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Laine Magazine - Issue 5


Laine is more than a knitting magazine, it's about a way of life.  Comfort, simplicity, and slow but endless style are married together in the pages of this Nordic periodical and presented with an aesthetic that we can really get behind. In addition to gorgeous makeable, wearable knitting patterns the magazine includes interviews, travel articles, recipes and more, all accompanied by stunning visuals.

What's Inside Laine Issue 5

Here's a peek at just some of the page-turning, wonderful content you'll find in Issue 5:

  • 10 Knitting patterns from designers Sachiko Burgin, (socks), Berangere Cailliau, (sweater), Thea Colman, (caridgan), Sus Gepard, (cardigan), Marie Greene, (dress), Jonna Hietala, (cardigan), Clare Mountain, (sweater), Susanne Sommer, (shawl), Lene Tosti, (shawl), and Veera Valimaki, (shawl)
  • a story about knitting guru Ysolda Teague
  • an interview with Rosa Pomar
  • a first person story by Nathan Critchlow of Twisted Fintch
  • a Q&A with Vânia O. of Two Hands Textile Studio
  • a travel guide to Edinburgh
  • seasonal recipes
  • and much, much more

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