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Whitehorse Sweater - The Making Of

I don't think it's a secret that I am a fan of Caitlin Hunter's designs, (@boylandknitworks).  I started this project on a whim because it looked like such a fun make and I wanted to try doing the lace in a gradient from a set of Martin’s Lab mini skeins that I had in my stash.

I added another Old Maiden Aunt mini skein to the mix, (the first, darkest colour, which is called Army & Navy), as well as some Holst Garn Coast in Dove. I did the lace with yarn held double. First one colour for both strands, then two colours held together, and so on. I’m very happy with the gradient, but if I were to do it again I would have more yarn for the lace section, (at least 150 grams total). I would also probably go from light to dark and just continue with the dark as the main body colour. I ended with the lace chart at round 72, as for M size.

As it was, since I was working from stash I had to go with a colour block for the body/sleeves, and I used a silver grey, also in Holst Garn Coast.  I like the cotton/wool blend of this yarn.  It's not quite as warm as wool, which means I can wear the garment in autumn and spring as well as winter.

After completing the body I tried this on…wonderful fit! I had slowed down a bit on this project, but getting to the point of trying it on motivated me to finish the sleeves so I can wear it.

I did make a few minor modifications to the pattern:

~Did not do k5tog, but instead sl3, k2tog, p3sso 
~Did additional rows/increases before separating…I think 4 extra rows? Separated out with 4 additional stitches to the sleeves.
~Did not pick up stitches at bottom of sleeve, but rather cast on 8 stitches and will stitch invisibly as part of finishing work.

This sweater is so versatile...dress it up or down, with jeans or skirts or even over dresses.  The three quarter length sleeves and cotton/wool blend means I don't overheat or get irritated skin around the neckline.  

More photos are on my Ravelry page, (highfibrediet).  You can also find me on instagram

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