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The Making of Like Maybe You are Magic - Part 2



With 100 squares completed and cleaned up, I decided it was time to work on the  layout of my Like Maybe You Are Magic blanket.  Originally I was going to make 120 squares for a 10 x 12 layout, but I was starting to run low on some colours, so I had to decide whether to make a smaller blanket and change my original layout idea or veer off in another direction.  I chose the latter. After laying out the squares in a 10 x 10 layout, I realised that was going to be far too small with my current squares.  I also realised that while I like a bit of random chaos, all those colours right next to each other was going to be a bit much for my mind to process every day. I happened to have a good supply of Scheepjes Catona Gun Metal, (a dark grey), in my stash so I tried working a round of that around the original square, (you can see my test square in the lower left of the photo below).


 Adding a round of Gun Metal to each square resolved a few of my would make a bigger blanket with the same number of squares, it would tone down all that random chaos, and I wouldn't have to purchase any more yarn.  It also made the bright colours of my squares really pop! 

FullSizeRender_2 At this point I was still going with a 10 x 10 layout, and I set to work adding the extra round and joining the squares, which I did row by row.  I joined the squares with a flat slip stitch seam, (there is an excellent tutorial here on the LookAtWhatIMade web site),  which is my absolute favourite way to join squares as it is nice and flat and looks good on both the front and the back.  In this case I joined with the same colour, (Gun Metal), but for those times when you want a contrast seam as a design element this is a really good one to use.

After I got the first four rows all joined up I decided square was not going to be the way to go, so I laid everything out again, and working around the four already completed rows I did a 9 x 11 arrangement.  I think that will be better for this blanket, which I plan to use as a coverlet/extra layer for my bed in the summer.  Hopefully I can eek out a 3-4" border. I've now finished joining all the squares and I'm pretty pleased with the decision to add the Gun Metal round.  I've just got a few loose ends to weave in and then I'll decide on a border.

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