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  • Whitehorse Sweater - The Making Of

    Whitehorse Sweater - The Making Of
    I don't think it's a secret that I am a fan of Caitlin Hunter's designs, (@boylandknitworks).  I started this project on a whim because it looked like such a fun make and I wanted to try doing the lace in a gradient from a set of Martin’s Lab mini skeins that I had in my stash.
  • Tegna Sweater - The Making Of

    Tegna Sweater - The Making Of
    Read all about my making of the Tegna sweater, which has become one of my favourite Autumn sweaters!
  • Keep Calm Shawl

    Keep Calm Shawl
    The yarn is the real show-stopper in this casual stash-busting crochet shawl.  Read on to find out how it was made.
  • A Little Romance Wrap

    A Little Romance Wrap
    Inspired by a fellow crochet addict on Instagram I recently purchased two Nurturing Fibres Mini Skein Kits in the pastel colourway, which became the A Little Romance Wrap. Find out the details in the blog!
  • Beachcomber Linen Scarf

    Beachcomber Linen Scarf
    Crochet an elegant, (yet quick and easy), linen scarf for spring and summer using hand-dyed linen yarns.