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  • Free Crochet Blanket Tutorial

    Free Crochet Blanket Tutorial
    This is another one of those "not really a pattern, more of a recipe" patterns.  In fact, I never intended to publish anything on this, but I've received so many requests through Instagram that I'm happy to share my notes.
  • Project Inspiration - Virgil in Autumn

    Project Inspiration - Virgil in Autumn
    My heavily modified version of the Virgil tee by Caitlin Hunter is almost unrecognisable from the original, but isn't being able to custom fit and style your garments the point of a handmade wardrobe?  Read on to find out my modifications.
  • Project Inspiration - Durumi

    Project Inspiration - Durumi
    The Durumi sweater from Issue 24 of Pom Pom Quarterly immediately caught my eye when the magazine came out.  Read on for my notes on the making of this modern, wearable sweater.
  • Project Inspiration - Luoto

    Project Inspiration - Luoto
    Weather forecasters tell us winter isn't over yet and perhaps the worst of it is still to come, so there's no better time to cast on a Luoto hat from Laine Magazine Issue 4.  Worked in a chunky yarn, this stylish and practical winter hat works up in just a few hours and will soon be keeping your head toasty warm.
  • Project Inspiration - Glacier Park Cowl

    Project Inspiration - Glacier Park Cowl
    Yes, it's another project from one of my favourite designers, Caitlin Hunter, (@boylandknitworks).  The Glacier Park cowl is yet another design that melds together the traditional with a modern twist, in this case fair isle colourwork with modern geometrics.