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  • Knitting Tools - Lazadas Blocking Wires

    Knitting Tools - Lazadas Blocking Wires
    I am a blocker.  I block everything, and yes, that includes crochet projects and projects made with cotton.  In the past I've spent hours trying to get my projects contorted into the right shape and size using only pins and a lot of trial and error which usually results in an aching back and a few choice words.  That, however, is a thing of the past since I discovered the flexible blocking wires by Lazada, which are now available in the shop.
  • Fibre Share Gift Ideas

    Fibre Share Gift Ideas
    The most recent round of Fibre Share is now in full swing! I've put together some gift sets on the High Fibre Shop that are perfect for any occasion a fibre lover might celebrate, but if you are looking for something for a Fibre Share partner you might want to take a look.  
  • New Arrivals - Stitch Markers

    New Arrivals - Stitch Markers
    The best stitch markers are as functional as they are pretty.  I've found truly snag free markers in gorgeous shapes and colours to make your knitting time as pleasurable as possible.