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Project Inspiration - Zweig Sweater

One of the things I love about Caitlin Hunter’s patterns is that they combine colours, textures, and traditional with modern. The Zweig has all of that in spades.

Zweig Sweater Knit by High Fibre ShopI’m not one to make a project in the same colours as the original pattern, and because I used different yarns that’s still not the case here. It wasn’t until after I had done almost the entire body that I realised that I have done this in very similar colours to the original, though…purely unintentional, but it’s a good combo!

The pattern is deceptively complicated looking, but in fact I think an advanced beginner who likes a challenge could make this. As usual, using markers in the cable/lace section will keep you on track if you need that.

The texture in the body can be achieved by cabling without a cable needle, either with the method suggested in the pattern or your own favourite method. Mine is to slip stitches off and on your needles. I believe Ysolda has a good tutorial for this, but there are many on you tube and various other sources, (just google “cable knit without needle”). I highly recommend finding one you are comfortable with because cabling those stitches with a cable needle might be a bit painful and tedious. I did add one extra knit row between the “x” rows…because I’m lazy like that.

Due to only having two skeins of the main colour, this ended up being a short sleeve sweater, but that is okay as I get more use out of it that way.  I did forego the texture on the sleeves as it was such a small space and I did a 2x1 rib for about 1.5”, as I did on the body hem as well.

All in all a very satisfying project.  Just enough of a challenge to keep things interesting and the colour combination possibilities are endless!


Zweig Sweater by Caitlin Hunter


Black Elephant UK Merino Superwash Singles in Lithium (50 grams)
Old Maiden Aunt Merino Superwash 4 ply in Army/Navy (175 grams)


3.5mm/US 4 and 3.75mm/US 5


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