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Project Inspiration - Lamina Wrap

I've not made many shawls/scarves/wraps recently.  Not because I don't love making and wearing them, but simply because I have so many and have already given away so many that it's hard to justify making more.  It's hard, but not impossible, so when the right one catches my eye I cast on and indulge!  

There are so many gorgeous versions of the Lamina Wrap by Ambah O'Brien, (pattern available on Ravelry), that it might be a little intimidating to get started.  Don't let that stop you, though, because I think you will thoroughly enjoy making and wearing this deceptively easy wrap. The pattern is well written and thorough. The lace sections can be broken down into repeat sections with markers to keep you on track if needed. Moving from lace to garter and back again gives you a soothing mix of "pay attention" and "mindless" knitting. Choosing your colours will be the hardest part, I promise!

I was first attracted to the Lamina Wrap by the bias structure and the potential for using lots of different colours as I wanted to clear out some little bits from my stash.  You know, those tiny leftovers that make non-yarnies shake their head and threaten to put you on a reality television show for obsessive “collectors”.  Using just eight grams for each colour section, this project was a match made in heaven.

I’d found the perfect project for my “collection”, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the emotional journey I was about to go on.  It shouldn’t have really been surprising, as those small bits of yarn represented about eight years of living, travelling, and creating. 

Each colour I chose triggered memories, hence the name Memory Lane Wrap on Ravelry. There were yarns that I had bought on my travels that had been used in projects both recently and long ago -- failed projects, successful projects, projects that had challenged me and made me grow as a crafter, and everything in between.

Each colour stripe took about 8 grams of yarn, so you can use up fairly small bits and bobs from your stash if you don't want to invest in new yarn.  You could even do the garter sections with different colours, but I think it ties the project together nicely to use one consistent colour for either the lace or garter sections.

I chose 12 colours and repeated each one twice with the exception of the colour at the center of the wrap, (a total of 23 stripes, so about 16g each of 11 colours and 8g of one more for the centre stripe; 8g each of 23 colours if you don't want to repeat).

The two sides of my wrap mirror each other, so the wrap begins and ends with the same colour. If you don't have enough yarn in your stash, mini skeins of fingering weight or sock yarn, (normally 20g each), would also work perfectly for this arrangement.  I didn't worry about the base yarn, just made sure they were all reasonably the same fingering weight.  There are alpacas, wools, silk blends, cashmere blends, and traditional sock yarn in the mix.  The only constant is the grey Nurturing Fibres Supertwist Sock I used for the garter stitch sections.

My finished wrap weighs 270g and is about 18" x 80", which is my ideal length as it allows you to wrap up a couple of times for protection against the coldest weather but also has a long elegant drape with one wrap around the neck, (I wear most of my shawls/wraps as scarves).  It works well as a traditional shoulder wrap, too.  Honestly there are a jillion ways to wear this!   

If you'd like to make this narrower/wider or shorter/longer it's super easy to adjust.  You can figure out the stitch count in each repeat from the pattern to adjust the width and simply stop/continue making the colour lace sections until you've got the length you want.  If you're using scraps or a specific colour arrangement you will, of course want to plan ahead with some simple maths. 

I used a 3.5mm/4US circular needle for this project.  Depending on how open you want the lacework to be, your desired drape, etc., I think you could go up even a size or two. 

I hate to say "have to" when it comes to making, but I highly advise blocking for this project. It simply won't look its best without it.  Yes, it's long and a little unwieldy, but you can do it in two parts if you're short on space, which is what I had to do.  (Half the length in each go.)

If you decide to make the Lamina Wrap I hope you'll enjoy making and wearing it as much as I have!

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