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Project Inspiration - Cardamom Coffee + Pip Colourwork

Cardamom Coffee Yarn Kits at High Fibre ShopThe Cardamom Coffee hat by Caitlin Hunter is one of our favourite hat patterns so we've put together three yarn kits in different palettes with baa ram ewe Pip Colourwork, which is the perfect compliment to this project.  Because our gauge was slightly different than the pattern noted, there were just a few modifications which we've outlined below.  We think you'll enjoy this uncomplicated colourwork project as much as we do!

Our gauge was 28 stitches and 32 rows for 4" in the colourwork pattern, (after blocking).  The finished, blocked hat has an 18" brim and is about 9.75" tall, excluding the pom pom. We used a 1.5 US/2.5mm 16" circular knitting needle for the ribbing so you could go up to 2 US for a bit looser brim.  We used a 3 US/3.25mm for the main body  of the hat.

We cast on for the large size and knit an additional five rows in the main colour after completing the colour work chart before starting the decreases to bring the length to about 7.5" before decreasing.  The hat fits as a just slightly loose beanie.  For a tighter or looser fit you can add or subtract stitches in multiples of 14 and adjust rows in the main colour as needed right before or after, (or both), the colourwork section.  

Throughout the colourwork the White Rose was used as a background colour with the Coal and Rose Window as dominant colour. We hold our yarns in our left hand, so the Coal and Rose Window were the bottom colour.

We're firm believers in blocking and this hat really benefits from blocking over a balloon or hat form. Our method is to give the hat a good bath in wool wash, (Soak is our personal favourite), roll up in a towel and press out excess moisture, partially blow up a balloon and after putting the hat over the balloon finish blowing it up.  We find this easier than trying to get a wet hat around the fully blown up balloon, but that's just a personal preference.  Your hat should be dry in 24 hours or less.

We used three colours of baa ram ewe Pip Colourwork for this hat - 30g of the Cardamom Coffee Hat with Alpaca Pom Pommain colour, (Coal), 15g of CC1, (White Rose), and 5g of CC2, (Rose Window, Brass Band, or Bramley Baths).  We also used an additional 5g of the main colour for my small pom pom.  Four skeins, (two in main colour and one each in the contrast colours), is plenty of yarn for an adult size hat with enough to make a pom pom in the colour of your choice. We also have a kit with an elegant, fluffy alpaca pom pom available.

You'll save 10% when you purchase the yarn as a kit, resulting in a hat and a bit left over for your stash for under £12, (without the alpaca pom pom...that one is under £20, though)!

Cardamom Coffee Yarn Kits - baa ram ewe Pip Colourwork

Yarn Kits for the Cardamom Coffee hat can be found here:

 Cardamom Coffee + Pip Colourwork Yarn Kits

Kits with yarn + black alpaca pom pom are here:

Cardamom Coffee Yarn + Alpaca Pom Pom Kit

You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry here:

Cardamom Coffee pattern by Caitlin Hunter



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