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New Arrivals - Stitch Markers

I'm not much of a gadget girl when it comes to knitting, but sweet little stitch markers are my downfall, (well, that and tiny scissors, but that's another story).  As someone who always has several projects on the go I always keep plenty of stitch markers in my project bags...beside my favourite chair...and in my home office/studio.

Stitch Markers for Knitters at High Fibre ShopOf course yarn and stitch markers go hand in hand, so offering some elegant yet practical stitch markers was a logical step in my product selection for High Fibre Shop.  I was lucky enough to find a local maker with just the selection of stitch markers I was looking for and now I'm making them available to you.  Because they are made by a knitter for knitters they are as functional as they are pretty.  

All of the stitch markers I offer are truly snag free.  Have you ever purchased a set of stitch markers only to discover the rings are not closed tight and/or the beads move around to leave the metal seam exposed?  Disappointing, right?  'Cuz that is not snag free, my friends, and it's not acceptable in my world. 

I'm currently offering two types of stitch markers -- four styles of beaded rings, (including a bespoke set exclusive to High Fibre Shop), that fit up to size 4.5mm/US 7 needles and square or blossom shaped markers that fit up to 10mm/US 15.  All stitch markers arrive in their own sweet little screw top tin for easy storage and portability. 

I also find that stitch markers make wonderful gifts and finishing touches to yarnie gifts, (sometimes I tie a couple of stitch markers into a raffia bow or attach them to the yarn's hang tag).  

Whether you purchase them for yourself or as a gift, you are sure to love the stitch markers on offer here at High Fibre Shop.

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