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LYKKE Knitting Needles & Crochet Hooks

LYKKE Knitting Needles & Crochet Hooks at High Fibre Shop

LYKKE knitting needles and crochet hooks are a fairly recent addition to the craft tools market.  Small details like engraved sizing and the elegant but natural looking driftwood finish make them a classic for crafters, but what else do they bring to the marketplace in terms of form and function?  Read on to find out.


If, like me, you are not necessarily a fan of bright, shiny objects in your arsenal of crafting tools, you will likely be drawn to the aesthetic of LYKKE.  The Driftwood finish is a particular favourite for its subtle and (somewhat) natural beauty.  There is variation between the colouring of needles/hooks within a set, which gives them the appearance of being individually handcrafted. The needles have a lovely polished sheen which also aids in functionality, but more on that to follow.

In addition to the gorgeous driftwood finish, the interchangeable tips and crochet hooks have a black metal accent which is engraved with the needle/hook size in both metric and US sizes, making them unique to others on the market.  The crochet hooks also have the alpha size.  The dpns have the metal and sizing on the middle of each needle -- very clever! The sizing is legible and doesn't require squinting or a magnifying glass to read and because they are engraved, it's unlikely to wear off any time soon. 

If you love the look of handmade crochet hooks but not the price, the LYKKE crochet hook set may be the answer -- for the price of one or two handmade crochet hooks you can get a set of ten lovely hooks.  Yes, it's a compromise, but one I can live with.


As much as aesthetics excite me, my craft tools have to be highly functional as well. LYKKE does not disappoint on this front.

Made with durable yet lightweight birchwood LYKKE needles and hooks will last for years, and I imagine them only getting better with time. (Personally I'm a huge fan of wooden knitting needles as they just feel warmer and more organic to me.) From the moment you pick LYKKE tools up you'll love the way they feel in your hands.

As previously mentioned, the smooth, polished finish on these hooks and needles is not just there for looks -- your work will glide effortlessly on these beauties, whether it's delicate silk lace weight yarn or the chunky, rustic variety.

The needles have excellent all-arounder type points -- not too sharp, not too blunt -- and again, they work well with just about any weight of yarn.  

Joins are often a sticking point, (bad pun intended), when it comes to interchangeable knitting needles.  I find the joins on the LYKKE needles to be very smooth -- no tiny gaps between cord and needle to catch your yarn.  You do, however, have to be sure to use the "key" that comes with your cord to tighten things up when attaching the cord to needle point.  If you don't, the cord will work itself loose.  At best you'll notice when your yarn starts to catch, at worst you'll be oblivious and your cord will separate from the needle which could result in a knitting disaster.

Finally, LYKKE has carried on the thoughtful design to the cases for their sets.  The Driftwood sets we carry at High Fibre Shop arrive in a charcoal faux denim case, (a black faux leather version is also available elsewhere). The size of the case and its features vary depending on the type of needles/hooks.

The long and short tip knitting needle cases each have an interior pocket for your extra cords and accessories or any other notions you'd like to tuck in there.  The long tips and crochet hook case also has an exterior pocket with a zipper.  A convenient bit of velcro transforms your case into a needle or hook stand as well. All cases have a strong magnetic snap closure. 

Beautiful to behold and a joy to work with, LYKKE tools get the thumbs up from me.  In shop now we have the interchangeable needle sets in both long and short tips, double pointed needle, (dpn), sets in small and large sizes, and the crochet hook sets.

You can find our selection of LYKKE knitting needles and crochet hooks here.

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