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Mini Succulent Planters

Want to add a touch of nature to your decor?  These mini succulent planters are quick, easy, and effective!

You could, of course, make planters for any type or size plant, but I think mini succulentsMini Succulent Crochet Planters by are adorable and they are just the right scale for my small space.  I have quite a collection of used glass jars, kept just for this kind of project.  For this particular project I used tall and narrow jars that I thought would show off the plants.  They were approximately 8" in circumference and 6" tall.  The plant pots are about 5.5" in circumference, (I think they would be called 2" pots -- that is the width across the top).

You can make sure your plants will fit the jars you have by measuring the jars and plants before you purchase or, if like me you don't care if people think you're crazy, just take your jar with you.  

I used Nurturing Fibres eco-cotton and Moya DK cotton for my jars.  Bits and bobs will do - each jar takes only a few grams.  I kept mine in a calming blue and green colour palette, but use whatever suits you!

The basic formula for covering jars can be found in a post I did a while back here.  Apply the same steps to the jars you've chosen for your plants and voila, you have some lovely new accents to bring life to any room!

Crocheted Mini Succulent Planter Jars by high fibre diet

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