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Linen Spa Cloths - Quick & Easy Gifts to Crochet

Looking for a quick and easy gift to crochet? Or maybe a little treat for yourself?  These
 linen spa cloths work up in a jiffy and are an elegant and useful gift.  The eco-friendliness and natural exfoliating properties of linen make it a great match for this project but you can, of course, use your own favourite fibre!

(Read my previous post on linen for more on its wonderful qualities.)

The Octaghan square by Agrarian Artisan is perfect for these cloths -- the raised post stitches provide just a little extra exfoliation and the openness of the pattern gives the cloth a nice airy feeling without being lacy.  Link to the free pattern is below.

What you need to make one linen spa cloth:

  • Octoghan Pattern by Agrarian Artisan (this is a link to the free pattern on Ravelry)
  • Size 4-4.5mm crochet hook (for main body)
  • Size 4.5-5mm crochet hook (for last round of edging)
  • Approximately 25 grams of linen for main colour (4-6 ply recommended)
  • Approximately 5 grams of linen for contrast colour

I made my spa cloths with various linens from my stash that worked up to be 6 ply in total.  I like to use 2 or 3 different colours/weights together for a unique blended colour.  With the 4.5mm hook these turned out to be about 8.5" square when finished.  If you're using 4 ply a 4mm hook might be better.

Simply work the square according to the pattern for the first 9 rounds, then change to contrast colour and work one round of hdc.  Work three of the corners with 4 hdc, and one corner with 2hdc, ch10, 2hdc, (this will be a loop for hanging).   

Work one final round of slip stitches with the larger hook to tighten up your edges and give the cloth a nice finished look.  (Be sure to work one slip stitch into every chain on your loop.)  Make sure to weave in your ends very well...linen can be a bit slippery and you don't want it to come undone.

I suggest blocking your spa cloth to even it up, soften it up, and make those stitches really pop! 

Now put one or two of these cloths with some lovely handmade soap and you've got a great little gift for any occasion.

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