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Knitting Tools - Lazadas Blocking Wires

I am a blocker.  I block everything, and yes, that includes crochet projects and projects made with cotton.  In the past I've spent hours trying to get my projects contorted into the right shape and size using only pins and a lot of trial and error which usually results in an aching back and a few choice words.  That, however, is a thing of the past since I discovered the flexible blocking wires by Lazada.

Unlike blocking wires of days gone by, these wires are super flexible, easy to store, and won't rust.  They can be used for any shape, including crescents, scallops, circles, and more. Once you've used them you won't be able to imagine how you managed before.

While many of us have and and may continue to do just fine without blocking wires, this speeds up the task immensely and makes a huge difference not only in the finished product, but also when seaming together pieces for, say, a cardigan or sweater.  Gone too are the wonky borders on baby blankets and large shawls.  

We currently have 4 different sets of Lazadas blocking wires in the shop - Short, Long, Mixed, and Deluxe.  If you're not sure which one is right for you, I highly recommend the Mixed Set, which has you covered for all sorts of projects from sweater sleeves to large shawls.

As a special introductory offer use code LAZADAS10 at checkout to receive 10% off any set until March 5, 2018.

Shop for your Lazadas set now by clicking here.

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