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Crochet Frame - Free Crochet Pattern - The Lovely Linen Crochet Frame

 free crochet pattern - Linen Crochet Frame by Two Stix StudiosAdding a personal touch to your home décor or gift wrap with a crochet frame is a great way to let your personal style shine through. I love to use crochet frames for photos, upcycled greeting cards, or even as gift tags.  There are many free crochet patterns for crochet frames online and I'm adding this one to the mix.  There is a link to download the free crochet pattern at the end of this post.  You can also download the pattern from Ravelry or Craftsy if you'd like to keep it in your library.

 For this particular frame I wanted something on the larger side, so I used 4 ply linen thread held double and an inexpensive, (£2), 6 inch wooden embroidery hoop from a discount store for my frame. The hoop is probably terrible for actual embroidery but great for this purpose! You can use any weight yarn and a variety of materials for the base of your frame – just adjust hook size and beginning number of stitches accordingly. Inexpensive bangle bracelets work great for miniature frames!

Lovely Linen Frame by Two Stix StudiosIt is important to work your stitches tightly so your frame does not flop around on the edges. I also spray my finished frames with starch to stiffen them a bit. You could use liquid starch, sugar water, or even watered down crafter's glue or old-fashioned paste too. Using a slightly larger hook on the 1st round, (the round that forms the base around the frame form), and then a smaller hook on the remaining rounds makes things a little easier, but isn’t essential.

Crochet Frame - click here to download printable pdf.

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