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Free Crochet Blanket Tutorial

This is another one of those "not really a pattern, more of a recipe" patterns.  In fact, I never intended to publish anything on this, but I've received so many requests through Instagram that I'm happy to share my notes.

I think the biggest thing that is attracting so many of you to this project is the yarn/colour combos.  I used 4ply yarn throughout, and the border colour is Old Maiden Aunt Merino 4 ply in one of my all-time favourite colours, Army & Navy.  The inner squares were all made with my own botanically hand-dyed yarns so you won't be able to find them in a shop, but you can easily substitute any 4 ply yarns in your favourite combos.  For the look I achieved just go with subtle, earthy tones.


 Hook:  I used a 3.5mm, but go with the size that best suits your yarn and desired finished fabric.

Size: The size is completely adjustable.  You can make the inner squares bigger or smaller and the border less rounds or more depending on your desires.  I recommend first deciding on a size for each square and then doing your math(s) from there.  You can also add another border to the outside once you have the squares put together.

Joining:  I used a flat join, sometimes called zip join, (lots of resources online if you're not certain how to do this), but you can use your own favourite joining method.

Instructions are all in American crochet terms.

Basic Granny (4 rounds): 

Using a contrast colour start with magic ring

1. sc, ch1 (counts as first dc), dc, *ch2, 3 dc* x3, ch2, dc1, join to top of 1st dc, (in this case the ch1);

2. sl st in back of stitch(es) to next ch2 space, *3 dc, ch2, 3 dc in ch2 space* x 4, join to top of 1st dc

3 & 4 continue in same manner

Border (shown here in Old Maiden Aunt Army & Navy)

Change to border colour

 Join in any space btwn 3 dc

1. sc in space, ch3, corners = sc ch3 sc in same space

2. 3dc in each ch3 space, corners = 3dc, ch2, 3dc in same ch3 space

3. sc in space, ch3

4.  3dc in each ch3 space, corners = 3dc, ch2, 3dc in same ch3 space

5. sc in space, ch3

6.  3dc in each ch3 space, corners = 3dc, ch2, 3dc in same ch3 space

fasten off

Join, add border if desire, enjoy!

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