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Beachcomber Linen Scarf

 A couple of weeks ago while searching for a more local source of hand-dyed cotton yarn I stumbled across the eco-stitch website.  I never did locate any hand-dyed cotton yarn, but what a find!

eco-stitch specialises in gorgeous hand-dyed linen yarns -- a category I had not come across before.  I've been in love with linen for a while now, but this takes me to "head over heels".  

Not having seen the yarn in person I wasn't quite sure what to expect and had no eco-stitch hand dyed linen yarnspecific project in mind, so I played it safe and ordered a hand-dyed DK yarn from their sale section and two neutral, undyed colours, Natural & Soft White.  When my delivery arrived a few days later I knew I had found a keeper.  The linen is top quality, and the hand-dyed skein was gorgeous!  The three colours together made me think "beach" and I decided to make a spring/summer scarf that was in keeping with that theme - something open and airy.

In the end I did my own thing, but was heavily inspired by the Desert Winds Triangle Scarf by Jess Coppom, which is a free pattern on Ravelry or through her web site, (Notes on my modifications are at the end of this post.)

I didn't want a triangular scarf, though, as I already have several of those.  My scarf gradually increases until it is about 14" wide, and then remains straight for about 40" and then tapers off again.  It is also much longer than the Desert Winds scarf, and  I can wear it wrapped once or twice around my neck depending on the look I want to achieve and the weather.  I can also wear it as a wrap. Here's the finished scarf wrapped twice:

Two Stix Studios Beachcomber Scarf

This scarf works up very quickly...grab a couple of good movies or a season of your favourite television show and you'll be done in no time! 

Dream and Imagine CharmsTo finish off my scarf I added two tassels.  On one of the tassels I attached two charms -- "dream" and "imagine".  I had originally purchased these charms a few years ago and used some of them on mini Christmas stocking ornaments.  I came across them again when I was cleaning up my craft supplies, (as you do), and thought they would be perfect to adorn this project.


Here's how I made my Beachcomber Linen Scarf:


  • 100 grams eco-stitch linen DK (Natural)
  • 100 grams eco-stitch linen DK (Soft White)
  • 60 grams eco-stitch linen DK (Seaspray)
  • 5mm hook

Keep in mind that your scarf will grow considerably when you block it -- my scarf was 92" pre-blocking and 108" after, so a little more than 15% growth!  However, I should note that I didn't pin this out when I blocked it....I wet it and hung it on the clothesline to dry, so it naturally grew more lengthwise.

Using Seaspray follow the Desert Winds Triangle Scarf pattern as written until scarf measures approximately 20".  Break yarn after a Row 3. 

note: make sure you use a little less than half of your yarn, regardless of whether you've reached the measurement, as you need the same amount to finish the second half of the scarf -- if you have 100 grams this won't be an issue, but if you are working from stash take note

Change to Soft White, and continue working in pattern until scarf measure approximately 23" (total), again ending with a Row 3.  

 Continuing in Soft White, work without increasing until scarf measures approximately 32", (again, make sure you use a little less than half of your yarn, regardless of whether you've reached the measurement as you need the same amount to finish the second half of the scarf).  End with Row 3 and break yarn.

Change to Natural and continue working in pattern without increases or decreases.  I used pretty much the entire 100 grams, ending with a Row 2.  Break yarn. (At this point my scarf was about 60" total in length.

Change to Soft White and work the same number of rows you worked in Soft White before stopping increases.  Following pattern, now begin decreasing scarf.  Work until this Soft White segment is the same length as the first one.  Break yarn.

Change to Seaspray, continue decreasing according to pattern.

I added some tassels to the ends of my scarf, but that's completely optional, of course!

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  • Two Stix Studios: April 04, 2017

    Thank you, Diane! This is a great project for someone who’s a little bit rusty! It’s very easy once you get started and works up quickly, so instant gratification!

  • Diane Malinowski: March 27, 2017

    This is so lovely. It really makes me want to crochet one, but I’m a bit rusty with crochet. Perhaps a good opportunity to get back in to it.

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