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A Little Romance Wrap

For me the best part of the emergence of social media as a force to be reckoned with is the inspiration I find there.  And no, I'm not talking about memes or inspirational quotes that get posted and reposted ad naseum, (imho).  What I draw inspiration from are the photos that are shared from other makers, whether is it their starting point, their work in progress, or the finished product.  

Last week a maker that I admire, (@rawrustic on Instagram -- I promise you won't regret checking out her feed), posted a photo featuring a yarn by Nurturing Fibres and the combination of her photo and description inspired me to get out my wallet and purchase two sets of the Super Twist Sock Mini Skein Kits in pastel.  The lovely people at Tangled Yarn UK had my order to me lickety split and I soon had these beauties in my possession:

Nurturing Fibres Mini Skein Kit Pastels

The colours are absolutely gorgeous, (I'm not usually a fan of purple, but their shade is just right), and the wool is soft and squishy, even at a 4 ply sock weight.  Each kit contains 10 colours for a total of a little over 100 grams, so that meant I had about 20 grams of each colour to play with.  

I had no specific project in mind when I ordered the yarn, so I let it tell me what it wanted to be, and it said, "something with a vintage feel and perhaps a bit romantic". Here are the details on the making of the "A Little Romance Wrap".


  • 2 Nurturing Fibres Mini Skein Kits in Pastel (I purchased mine online from
  • Crochet Hook Size 4mm (for 39 squares that make up main wrap)
  • Crochet Hook Size 3mm (for 4 squares for collar)
  • Motif from Free Pierrot Pattern on Ravelry (here)

Finished Size: 14" x 56" (not including 4 motifs that form collar)

First I chose a motif that I felt would really show off the beautiful colours and texture of the yarn while also giving me that vintage romantic vibe I was going for.  While the pattern is written at a much tighter gauge and all in one colour I felt it would be even more beautiful when done as an open, airy piece in a variety of colours.

A Little Romance Wrap Closeup

I used a join as you go method to connect my squares, so this worked up very quickly.  (After the first couple of squares you will most likely have the pattern memorised.)    Before starting I created a colour layout chart.  It's a little extra effort but means you can then power through the actual construction.  

Using a 4mm hook for the main 39 squares of the wrap I was able to comfortably get 4 squares out of each colour.  Be forewarned that although the mini skeins kits are a little over 100g in total, each individual skein can vary slightly in weight...they are all about 10g, but some a little less and some a little more, so keep that in mind if you aren't a fan of yarn chicken!  I had 26g total yarn left after finishing the project, so just 2-3g of each colour.

After working the main body of the wrap I  decided that a collar around the neck would give the wrap a nice finished look.  I made four squares with a 3mm hook, (for a bit of shaping), and centered them on one long side of the wrap, making sure to join them so that the right side was up when the collar was flipped over.  I also joined the two outermost squares on three sides, one of them with the adjoining square where you normally wouldn't join, (again, for shaping).  When weaving in ends before blocking I left the ends on these squares in case I needed to make adjustments or just didn't like the collar in the end.

After a good soak I blocked the wrap pretty agressively. I wanted the points on the edges to be, well, pointy, and I wanted the wrap to be on the lacy side.  Pre-blocking the wrap was about 12" x 48".  The blocked wrap is 14" x 56", (not including the collar), so blocking made a huge difference in the finished product.

Blocking Crochet Wrap

Despite the fact that it is wool, I think this wrap is perfect for year round use...on a cool summer evening over a sundress or as a great layering piece in the cooler months.  Have you tried the Nurturing Fibres Mini Skein Kits?  If so, what did you make with yours?

A Little Romance Wrap

 You can find me on Ravelry as twostixstudios or Instagram @twostixstudios.






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